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Camden High School Hall of Fame

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The School Improvement Council of Camden High School has created a Hall of Fame to honor alumni of Camden High School and Jackson High School whose accomplishments, deeds and character exemplify outstanding achievement in their life’s work and/or service to their community.

This award may also honor individuals who did not graduate from Camden High School, but who have significantly and consistently contributed to the work and mission of Camden High School.  

Nominations will be kept confidential.   This year’s ceremony will be held in the Fall of 2024. 

The deadline to submit a nomination is August 1, 2024  More information about submitting a nomination is found on the form. 

Hall of Fame Nomination Form 2024

Inductees (by Year)


Mr. William R. Ammons
Mrs. Mary Ann Blaskowitz
Mr. J. Coke Goodwin
Mr. Dimetry “Vonnie” Holliday
Representative Robert J. Sheheen
Mr. Ralph L. Warren
Governor John C. West & First Lady Lois West


Mr. Patrick Davis
Mrs. Alfred Mae Drakeford
Dr. Janet Marshall
Mr. Thomas “Daddy Mac” McLester
Dr. Paul T. Joseph, Sr.
Mr. Austin M. Sheheen, Jr.


Mr. James Davis, Jr.
Mrs. Joan Inabinet
Mr. Glen Inabinet
Mrs. Vivian Metze
Mr. Fred Sheheen (posthumously)
Mr. Samuel Small


Mr. William P. “Buster” Beckham
Mr. William Chivers (posthumously)
Ms. Joanie Lawson
Mr. Thomas Mullikin
Mr. Jak Smyrl (posthumously)
Ms. Toni Whitaker
Mrs. Barbara Wilkes


Dr. Talullah Holmstrom
Mr. Stephen S. Kelly, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret C. Lawhorn
Mr. Paul W. Napper
Mr. Henry Stradford (posthumously)
Mr. Samuel E. Wright

CLASS of 2021

Mrs. Harriett C. Brevard
Mr. Tyrrell D. Coleman
Mr. Michael G. Culp, Sr. (posthumously)
Mr. E. Reginald Dean
Mr. C. Vernon Hammond
Mr. Daniel H. Matthews
Mr. Matthew A. McCarley
Mrs. Glady S. Smoak
Mr. Roger G. Smoak

CLASS of 2022

Mr. William O. Cantey
Mr. Jimmy Neal
Mrs. Jean W. Redfearn
Dr. Richard D. Reynolds
Mr. Foy C. Thompson (posthumously)

Inductees (Alphabetical)

Mr. William R. Ammons, 2016
Mr. William P. “Buster” Beckham, 2019
Mrs. Mary Ann Blaskowitz, 2016
Mrs. Harriett C. Brevard, 2021
Mr. William O. Cantey, 2022
Mr. William Chivers (posthumously), 2019
Mr. Tyrrell D. Coleman, 2021
Mr. Michael G. Culp, Sr. (posthumously), 2021
Mr. James Davis, Jr., 2018
Mr. Patrick Davis, 2017
Mr. E. Reginald Dean, 2021
Mrs. Alfred Mae Drakeford, 2017
Mr. J. Coke Goodwin, 2016
Mr. C. Vernon Hammond, 2021
Mr. Dimetry “Vonnie” Holliday, 2016
Dr. Talullah Holmstrom, 2020
Mr. Glen Inabinet, 2018
Mrs. Joan Inabinet, 2018
Dr. Paul T. Joseph, Sr., 2017
Mr. Stephen S. Kelly, Jr., 2020
Mrs. Margaret C. Lawhorn, 2020
Ms. Joanie Lawson, 2019
Mr. Daniel H. Matthews, 2021
Dr. Janet Marshall, 2017
Mrs. Vivian Metze, 2018
Mr. Matthew A. McCarley, 2021
Mr. Thomas “Daddy Mac” McLester, 2017
Mr. Thomas Mullikin, 2019
Mr. Paul W. Napper, 2020
Mr. Jimmy Neal, 2022
Mrs. Jean W. Redfearn, 2022
Dr. Richard D. Reynolds, 2022
Mr. Austin M. Sheheen, Jr., 2017
Mr. Fred Sheheen (posthumously), 2018
Representative Robert J. Sheheen, 2016
Mr. Samuel Small, 2018
Mrs. Glady S. Smoak, 2021
Mr. Roger G. Smoak, 2021
Mr. Jak Smyrl (posthumously), 2019
Mr. Henry Stradford (posthumously), 2020
Mr. Foy C. Thompson (posthumously), 2022
Mr. Ralph L. Warren, 2016
Governor John C. West & First Lady Lois West, 2016
Ms. Toni Whitaker, 2019
Mrs. Barbara Wilkes, 2019
Mr. Samuel E. Wright, 2020