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School Seal

ALMA MATER   Camden High, Camden High, Here's to the all of you. Here's to you, good and true, We'll keep your love the ages through. We will always sing your praise In the coming of the days. Best old high school anywhere, Here's to you!  Alma Mater Audio File  

C Dog Logo

FIGHT SONG   V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Hail to Camden High School Bulldogs, Fight on to Victory--RAH, RAH, RAH! We will always stay behind you To show our loyalty.   Fight on with great determination, Push our rivals back. Hail to Camden High School Bulldogs, The grand old Gold and Black! Fight Song Audio File   

SCHOOL SEAL  The origin of the seal is still a mystery, but in the Camden Chronicle June 13, 1980, principal J. Coke Goodwin explained that the meaning of the seal inscription (Honos--Probitas--Perfectio) is "honor, integrity, and achievement."  The seal is divided into four distinct quadrants.  The first or upper left quadrant contains the eagle and stripes which represent the United States of America.  The lower right contains the palmetto tree and a crescent moon which symbolize the state of South Carolina.  King Hagler, chief or King of the Catawba Native American tribe from 1754 to 1763, is pictured in the upper right quadrant symbolizing Kershaw County.  King Hagler has been referenced as the "patron saint of Camden." The C for Camden and a torch, "a universal symbol for education," are pictured in the lower left quadrant.    

SCHOOL COLORS: Gold and Black   

MASCOT: The Bulldog